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Retail: Box Cutter Safety - SS11007AE (6 min.)
Any type of box cutter can cause an injury if used improperly. Box cutters are so common, they are often taken for granted and their danger ignored. This program is designed to provide employees information, that, if followed, will reduce their risk of a box cutter injury.
Supermarket: Baler Safety - SS11006AE (8 min.)
Balers are perhaps one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment in the supermarket industry. But, with training and information, employees can learn to use them safely and reduce their risk of an injury. Since baler injuries can be devastating, proper training is vital. This is a great training tool to keep your staff informed and safe.
Supermarket: Safety Orientation - SS11001AE (15 min.)
The Supermarket/Grocery environment presents a broad range of safety training challenges. This program touches on many of the most common hazards and examines ways to minimize risk. Viewers receive brief, overview training on a variety of topics including: Preventing Slips & Falls Back Injury Prevention Preventing Cuts & Burns Food Safety Hazard Communication Machinery Safety and more.