Atrium Hospitality is committed to, involved with, and has expectations of providing our employees a safe and healthful work place. Our work place safety program will be incorporated as the standard of practice for this organization. Compliance with these safe work expectations will be required of all employees as part of the Atrium culture and core beliefs. Our company focus will hold all employees accountable for safety performance equal with quality and operational performance.

Atrium Hospitality strongly believes that its employees are its greatest asset, and your safety is our greatest responsibility. Throughout the Company, safety has as high a priority on management’s time and attention as all matters which are essential to a successful operation.

While supervisors anticipate and take prudent action necessary to remove conditions which can result in injury to employees, most of the success of a safety program depends upon you. You also must be concerned. Safety is a primary and continuing responsibility of us all. It is your awareness of safety that makes Atrium a safe place to work. This is why your safety plays such an important role in your job performance evaluations. If you are careless, you not only endanger yourself but many others as well.

Atrium Hospitality encourages you to accept and fulfill your individual responsibility, to think and act safely and to conduct yourself in accordance with safety rules. It encourages you to help remind your co workers to work safely and to point out unsafe acts to others. If there is any doubt in your mind about the safety of your job or any other unsafe conditions which you may observe, you should consult your supervisor immediately.

If you have any questions regarding your username/password, or problems accessing your program, please email vod@safetysourceonline.com or call 1.800.358.4428, Monday through Friday, 7am – 6pm pacific time



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