As a valued Policyholder, Agent Partner, or Employee of Meadowbrook Insurance Group the following Safety Training Videos are provided to you at no charge.

If you are looking for a specific video and don’t see it listed under available titles, or if you have any questions or problems related to the videos, please contact ROBIN MACON via email at rmdistrob@aol.com, or via phone @ (800)224-8784, Monday – Friday, 7am – 6pm (Pacific time zone)

***Videos can be paused while viewing, but stopping & starting will result in additional “hits” being used.

If you are planning to utilize the accompanying quiz, click below the video to open the quiz in a separate browser window, this will allow you to download and make copies before you begin each presentation.

New titles are being added daily! Requests for Safety Source titles not yet available online should be placed with Robin Macon. Please note it will take 3-7 days for these requests to be filled.


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