Midlands Management is pleased to provide access to the SAFETY SOURCE Video On Demand library for our customers to augment their accident prevention efforts.  The 700+ titles are available at no charge, requiring only a username and password.  We invite our policyholders to utilize this and other Midlands resources.  Please contact the Midlands Risk Management team for information regarding Safety Source and other resources available.


Ed Pratt, CSP 405-898-8044 epratt@midman.com
Randy Jacoby 405-426-5204 rjacoby@midman.com
Zane Woods 405-426-5213 zwoods@midman.com



  • Please utilize the “Preview” function if you need to evaluate the videos prior to your scheduled training or meeting. This will help ensure that the materials meet your needs, saving you valuable time.
  • Once you begin a video, you can pause or rewind, but please refrain from starting the video over.
  • If you plan to use the accompanying quiz with a video, please open link and print copies of the quiz before you begin your presentation.
  • If you experience technical difficulties with the videos or your log in information, please contact Robin Macon via email: rmdistrob@aol.com or via phone: 800-224-8784. She is available Monday through Friday from 8am to 8 pm (CST).


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