Hello Paramount team member.  As a staffing company an area that we continually strive to improve is the knowledge shared with employees as to working injury-free and incorporate good safety decisions in the performance of their jobs.  This can only be accomplished if we are knowledgeable in various safety methods that we can communicate to employees whether the person is new to the job or an existing employee.  This training page is part of Paramount’s effort to provide specific safety content as it relates to areas that helps us be proactive in our injury prevention methods as well as learning where we can better teach employees to work safer.  When a topic is selected and rolled out the system allows a three month window to view the training and complete the quiz.   Typically, this training is assigned once per quarter.  We can never anticipate that employees will understand what it means to be safe but by us providing the leadership, communication and expectation that safety requires all of us to be involved we have the ability to prevent injuries from happening.


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