PayneWest Insurance is pleased to welcome you to our Video on Demand Safety and Training library.  With over 40 years of experience in servicing agribusiness clients, our team works with you to ensure you receive the benefit of our collective expertise along with appropriate resources to enhance your loss prevention efforts.   We work with clients of all sizes and complexity – family farms, large ranch operations, food manufacturing, and fruit packing and storage to name a few.  Our ultimate goal is to help you prevent a loss before it occurs, and we are pleased to provide you with this listing of relevant, up-to-date videos to augment your training.

Viewing Tips
• Viewing the videos only requires the designated username and password.
• Once you begin a video, you can pause or rewind as long as you remain on the same screen.
• For documentation purposes, each video has an accompanying quiz which can be downloaded and printed for convenience.
• If you experience technical difficulties with the videos or your log in information, please contact Robin Macon via email: rmdistrob@aol.com, or via phone: 800-224-8784. Monday through Friday from 6am to 6pm pacific time.           

For information about PayneWest Agribusiness safety resources, please contact PayneWest Risk Control Specialist Sondra Lavoie
                ·        slavoie@paynewest.com
                ·        208-424-2942 (office)
                ·        208-890-3374 (mobile)


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