PayneWest Insurance Company “Risk Control Department.” presents the following Video On Demand Library for your safety & awareness training needs. Borrowers may view videos using their assigned login credentials

In order to access the video(s) of your choice, please follow these 3 easy steps.

  1. Enter your login credentials
  2. Choose a category of training topics
  3. Make your video selection from the topics provided.

To acquire your username & password, and for any questions or problems, please contact Robin Macon via email: rmdistrob@aol.com, or via phone: (800)224-8784, Monday – Friday, 6am – 6pm pacific time.

Reminders –
Videos can be paused while viewing, but stopping & starting will result in additional “hits” being used.
If you are planning to utilize the accompanying quiz, click to make copies before you begin each presentation.

“Paynewest Risk Control”

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