Superior Grocers is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for all employees.  Employees are responsible for following all safety rules, policies, procedures and standard practices provided in writing, through video, on postings or verbally communicated during trainings and/or meetings. As a reminder, working safely is a condition of employment at Superior Grocers.


Superior Grocers se compromete a proporcionar un ambiente de trabajo sano y seguro para todos los empleados. Es la responsabilidad de los empleados seguir las reglas, políticas, procedimientos y prácticas de seguridad proporcionadas por escrito, a través de video, por publicación o comunicado verbalmente durante los entrenamientos y/o las reuniones. Como recordatorio, trabajar con seguridad es una condición de empleo en Superior Grocers.


COVID-19: Retail/Grocery Training SS2207AE
COVID-19 is a highly contagious coronavirus closely related to the SARS and MERS viruses. Covid-19 appears to be more easily transmitted than either SARS or MERS. Illnesses associated with Covid range from mild to severe, including respiratory issues resulting in death. With that being said, you can understand why the grocery stores must do their part to help contain the virus. Grocery and meal delivery services are seeing huge spikes in business but there are still shoppers going into the store, so how can YOU stay safe? This program explains how.
Heat Stress: Facts & Prevention - SSG001E (9 Min.)
Heat Illness...it can happen to just about anybody working in hot or humid conditions. It can be serious. It can be fatal. But, it' doesn't have to be. A few simple, easy to do steps can mean the difference between just another day at work and a serious medical emergency. This video outlines these steps in an easy to understand manner.
Supermarket: Safety Orientation - SS11001AE (15 min.)
The Supermarket/Grocery environment presents a broad range of safety training challenges. This program touches on many of the most common hazards and examines ways to minimize risk. Viewers receive brief, overview training on a variety of topics including: Preventing Slips & Falls Back Injury Prevention Preventing Cuts & Burns Food Safety Hazard Communication Machinery Safety and more.