Telgian is pleased to provide access to the Safety Source video library to supplement our company’s safety training and leadership programs. These videos are available to you at no charge and will require only a user name and password to log in.

Please see the list below for the selection of videos available for your use. This library will continue to grow and offer new topics for your safety and management needs.

NOTE: there are many relevant videos that could augment your skill development and growth. But, we discourage using Telgian time and resources taking non-relevant courses. Contact Craig Remsburg if you have questions.

• Please utilize the preview video function to see if a video will meet your training needs prior to viewing the material in its entirety. This will help ensure the material meets your needs and will save you valuable time.
• Once you have begun a video, you can pause or rewind, but please refrain from starting the video over.
• If you plan to use the accompanying quiz with a video, please download and print copies of the quiz BEFORE you begin your presentation.
• If you experience technical difficulties with the videos or your log in information, please contact Robin Macon via email: rmdistrob@aol.com, or via phone: 800-224-8784. She is available from Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm (CST).


State & Federal Mandated Timed Courses Now Available