Access to the online Safety Video Library is available free of charge to residents of the State of Washington who are library members. If you are not a library member and would like to become a member, or need assistance with your library membership, please contact library staff at SHVideo@Lni.wa.gov or phone: 360-902-5444 / 800-574-9881.

To go back to the Labor & Industries Video Library home page:LNI.wa.gov/Safety/TrainingPrevention/Videos

To access the video(s) of your choice, follow these two easy steps:

  1. Choose a Category of training topics
  2. Make your video selection from the titles provided

Viewing Tips:

  • Each video has a Preview function to evaluate the video prior to your training event.
  • Once you begin a video, you can pause or rewind, as long as you remain on the same screen.
  • Each video has a quiz included and the option to print.
  • If you experience technical difficulties with the videos, please contact Robin Macon at rmdistrob@aol.com, or phone: 800-224-8784, Monday – Friday, 6am to 6pm, Pacific Time.
  • See important message: Some videos may contain code violations.


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