Zurich Internal Risk Engineering Training


The RENA Safety Committee welcomes you to the Risk Engineering LMS page!

We will be using Safety Source and their video library to provide important training topics with the desire that our Risk Engineering activities are completed as safely as possible and you return home safely each evening.  The courses listed below represent critical topics that we want to be sure everyone understands.  These represent the courses that the Safety Committee, with support from Senior RE Leadership, has identified as mandatory training.  Some teams may have additional training requirements.

Additional titles may be added beyond.  Please direct any suggestions to the RE Safety Committee member for your segment.

If you experience technical difficulties with the videos or your log in information, please contact Safety Source directly via email: vod@safetysourceonline.com or via phone: 800-358.4428 Office hours Monday-Friday from 7:00AM to 4:00PM (PST).


StrongArm Tech: Dock Oveview (#1) StrongArm Technologies (#3) StrongArm: Sensor Overview (#2) StrongArm: Training Overview (#5) StrongArm: Training Sensor Overview (#4)

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