Caught in/Between Hazards – M276E (15 mins)

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True or False?... Most "buried in or by" accidents happen in demolition work.
True or False?... There are currently no OSHA regulations that protect workers from being buried by walls that collapse unexpectedly during demolition work.
True or False?... It is okay for you to disable or remove the machine guards on a power tool if they are slowing you down and getting in your way.
True or False?... Your employer's lock-out/tag-out procedures can help prevent you from being injured when you work on powered equipment.
True or False?.... Caught-in/between hazards are one of the top four causes of fatalities in construction work.
True or False?... You should never try to work with tools or machinery unless you have been trained on how to use them.
True or False?... To prevent collapses, OSHA requires all scaffolding work to be supervised by a "competent person", who ensures that the work is done safely.
True or False?... Equipment or vehicles must be in motion for them to be involved in "pinned between" accidents.
True or False?... You should never place yourself between immovable objects and any materials or equipment that is being hoisted.
True or False?… You should be especially careful of any vehicles or equipment on your job site that are operating in reverse.