Hotel Security: Handling Modern Threats – SS5050AE (14 min.)

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Don’t take all guest complaints, allegations or incidents too seriously because they might not be true.
By knowing which standards apply to your organization and how they impact you could help to maintain the appropriate budget for your department.
Chances are you or your hotel has been involved in some level of terrorism prevention, counter-surveillance or information sharing in the past – that should not change just because terrorist attacks seem to have diminished in the past few years.
Standards are models used to establish or verify what is commonly regarded as acceptable or correct.
It is the _______ responsibility to be involved to ensure that the high risk activities are performed in the safest manner.
What are the two main standards?
If your hotel decides to offer high risk or dangerous activities, it is not the Securities role to ensure they are either performed in the safest manner.
As a hotel security professional you should seek to become involved in decisions about at-risk activities.
It is important to maintain relations with local law enforcement to know and understand crime patterns in the surrounding community
Hotels are not liable for any criminal acts perpetrated by a third party on hotel guests.