Introduction to OSHA – M279E (22 mins)

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True or False?... You must visit your local or regional OSHA office in person to file a complaint about unsafe working conditions.
True or False?... When an employee files a complaint about unsafe conditions in their workplace, OSHA cannot protect them from being fired or otherwise retaliated against by their employer.
True or False?... The warning labels and signs posted in a workplace by the employer will never give you specific information on how to do your job safely.
True or False?... A
True or False?... OSHA develops job safety and health standards and enforces them by conducting worksite inspections.
True or False?... If an employee does not want their employer to know that they have filed a complaint, OSHA will remove their name from the official copy of the complaint.
True or False?... Until the creation of OSHA in 1970, there were no national laws that protected U.S. employees from safety and health hazards on the job.
True or False?... Administrative controls are physical safety measures that are built into a workplace to eliminate hazards or reduce exposure to them.
True or False?... The OSH Act gives employees the right to a safe and healthy workplace.
True or False?... OSHA requires employers to provide copies of their injury and illness records to employees upon request.