Maintaining Your Safety – E2932E

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A properly sized ladder will allow you to reach your work while keeping the top of the ladder at _____ level.
One of the biggest hazards a maintenance worker faces is the expectations and pressures placed on him by affected workers, supervisors and even other maintenance workers.
Every system, machine or piece of equipment has the potential to hurt you if the energy sources connected to it are released while you work on it or stand nearby. ____________ procedures control the dangerous parts of a machine while you work on it.
In the face of pressure to get broken equipment fixed, maintenance workers must __________.
The first priority of every maintenance worker should be _______________.
Which item(s) below should be of concern in a hazard analysis?
To be qualified to work on or near energized electrical parts, you must know how to select protective equipment for arc flash and shock protection, and understand how to determine the ___________ of approach boundaries.
A hazard of energized parts is the danger of ________________.
For protection from an arc flash, electrical workers must wear ______________ clothing, head and face protection, and other PPE rated for the incident energy of a potential arc flash.
Before starting any job, you should identify and _____________ all sources of energy connected to the equipment.