Safety Showers Eye Washes in the Laboratory – M19002E

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True or False...The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is the best source of information on whether a chemical might have corrosive effects?
True or False... One problem in using a handheld drench hose for eye washing is that both hands are not free for manipulating the injured eye(s)?
For how long should you drench a chemical splash victim under a safety shower?
True or False... When a safety shower drains directly into a sewer, you need to determine whether residual water can contaminate the outside environment?
True or False... After checking the operation of a safety shower or eye wash, you should record the date and results of the test?
True or False... Oxidizing agents are chemicals that are in the corrosive family?
What is the minimum amount of time that you should wash your eyes out if they have been splashed with a hazardous chemical?