Scissor Lifts in Industrial and Construction Environments – M172AE (13 mins)

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Where can you find information about the maximum weight that a scissor lift can hold?
How many fatalities occur each year due to scissor lift accidents?
When working outside on a scissor lift, what is the minimum amount of clearance that you should keep between yourself and any overhead hazards?
Which is the most common type of scissor lift accident?
True or False... A scissor lift that has any defective components must be removed from service until a qualified person has made repairs.
True or False... If you use a plank to bridge a gap between your scissor lift and the area where you want to work, the gap can be no more than 3 feet wide?
True or False... When you're working on a scissor lift a good place to attach fall protection equipment is to the railing of the lift's platform.