Surviving The Fall: Proper Use Of Your Personal Fall Arrest System - E4731E

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OSHA requires that the capacity of any anchor point used as part of a fall arrest system be verified by a qualified person.
OSHA’s general industry regulations require an anchor point be able to support _______ pounds per person connected to it.
Before working above ground the harness leg straps should be _____________.
OSHA requires that a fall arrest system reduce the amount of force imparted onto a worker wearing a body harness to not exceed ___________.
To prevent moving too far from the anchor point, your retracting life line should be kept within a ____________ to the vertical at the anchor point.
The components of a fall arrest system include which of the following:
Snap hooks may be connected to any object of suitable strength provided the hook is able to close properly.
The total fall distance is the maximum distance a worker will fall from the anchor point. Which of the following is not a part of the total fall distance calculation?
Which of the following best describes the minimum height for an anchor point to be used safely?