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Ag Safety: Heat Stress SS16040
The risk of becoming ill or even dying of over-exposure from the effects of heat is serious at all times, and even more so in the summer months. Too many workers are hospitalized and even die from heat-related illnesses. Program discusses techniques for controlling and preventing heat stress, and the first aid procedures necessary to treat the symptoms of heat exposure.
Electric & Manual Pallet Jack Safety SS1033GE
Electric Pallet Jacks are common tools in warehouse and other environments. There are hazards associated with their use for operators and those who work in the same areas. This program outlines the basics of Electric pallet jack safety and provides the do's and don'ts of safe operation.
Hand & Power Tools Updated SS1069IE
Most people have injured themselves with a tool at least once in their lives. In fact learning to use some tools seems to “require” a little pain. Unfortunately, tool accidents result in thousands of serious injuries and hundreds of deaths each year… most of which could have been avoided by simply handling tools safely. To avoid these types of accidents employees need to know how to handle their tools safely. But this can be a difficult task, since every tool has its own unique set of hazards.
Hurricanes Tornadoes & Floods SS1095IE
Natural disasters can cause thousands of dollars in damage, and even worse, they can fatally injure you and your employees. Be prepared thanks to this Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Floods Safety Video. It offers a range of helpful tips for disaster preparedness, so you know when to take cover and how to prevent injuries and fatalities. It's not only a great resource for workplace preparations, but it will also provide the knowledge you need to keep your families safe at home as well.