Traffic Control Work Zone Safety

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Traffic Control Work Zone Safety: Flagger Safety SS21003AE
Being the Flagger at a construction or traffic control site is an important and dangerous job. You are responsible for the safe flow of traffic but you are also responsible for your personal safety. This video outlines methods and procedures that will keep the vehicles in your zone safe as well as you and people working in the traffic control zone.
Traffic Control Work Zone Safety: Safety Orientation SS21001AE (35 min)
The program is a comprehensive look at hazards that everyone in a Traffic Control company may face in the course of their jobs. From Traffic Control procedures to Hazcom to safe Lifting, there's something for everyone in the company to take away. A great program for new employees or as a refresher for experienced employees.
Traffic Control Work Zone Safety: The Basics SS21002AE (9 min)
The program is aptly titles as it covers the basics of Traffic Control including Zone Guidelines, Flagger Stations and basic procedures designed to keep flaggers, crew and traffic safe.